Track List

1. From outside (feat. Matthew Halpin)
2. Silver lining (feat. Roos Jonker)
3. Peer pressure
4. Something good (feat. Marie Tjong-Ayong)
5. Inside the box
6. The buffalo
7. Continuum
8. More than you know (feat. Matthias Schwengler, Matthew Halpin)
9. Alder dreams
10. To whom it may concern

Luciel - From Outside

Luciel is back, and with them, an album that flows seamlessly. Cologne-based quartet recorded a handful of sessions at their „Studio der Welt“, and now presents „from outside,“ an album brimming with playfulness, complexity, and brilliant ideas. With 10 diverse songs, internally produced by the band, and lyrically profound storytelling, Luciel proves that pop music can be multifaceted and substantial without sacrificing musical lightness.

David Rynkowski – Vocals, Keys
Florian Rynkowski – Bass, Vocals, Viola da Gamba
Philipp Brämswig: Guitar
Tim Dudek: Drums, Percussion, Keys  

Marie Tjong-Ayong – Vocals & Trumpet 
Roos Jonker – Vocals 
Matthew Halpin – Sax
Matthias Schwengler – Trumpet 

Label : Herzog Records
Artists : Luciel
Genres : Soul, Jazz, Funk, Yachtrock
Release Date : 14. October 2022
Lyrics by : Luciel
Music by : Luciel
Produced by : Luciel
Mixed by : David Rynkowski & Tim Dudek
Mastered at : Maarweg Studios by Alex Kloss

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