Lonely Dancer

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For her third album, Hannah Köpf spins a tapestry of tenderly crafted tunes, a delicate dance echoing the rhythm of life. Entitled „Lonely Dancer,“ the production captures the nuanced vibe of the songs. It gracefully pirouettes between cozy, joyful feelings, beautifully draped in the fabric of country music. Sometimes it beckons you to stay awhile, other times, it slips into the role of a dreamy dancer. Occasionally, it encounters solitude, weaving in melancholic lines that linger in the air. The album mirrors emotions known all too well by everyone. Surrounded by the brilliance of musicians like Tobias Hoffmann, Sebastian Sternal, Tim Dudek, and Ingo Stahl, one can confidently navigate this tightrope of existence, surrendering to the delicate balance between solitude and dance.

Country, folk, and jazz intertwine with finesse, crafting a sensitive sound capable of touching the listener on both intellectual and emotional planes.



Hannah Köpf Vocals
Eva Buchmann Backing Vocals
Lisa Müller Backing Vocals
Ingo Stahl Backing Vocals
Radek Schwarz Viola
Anne-Christine Heinrich Flute
Denis Gäbel Tenor Saxophon
Holger Werner Clarinet
Jan Schneider Flügelhorn, Trumpet
Klaus Heidenreich Trombone
Sebastian Sternal Piano
Tobias Hoffmann Guitar
Philipp Brämswig Guitar
Jakob Kühnemann Bass
Tim Dudek Drums, Rhodes, Mandoline, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Dobro,
Glockenspiel, Wurlitzer

Strings on „Hooked“
Paul Bremen
Lisa Kastenholz
Zuzana Leharova
Theresa Lier
Juliane Menke
Lisa Schumann

Till Mengler
Rudi Winkler

David Schütte
Elisabeth Fugemann

Release Date
19. September 2014
All Songs Written by
Hannah Köpf & Tim Dudek
Produced by
Tim Dudek
Mixed by
Tim Dudek

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